Welcome to Z Infinity Games.

Z Infinity is derived from a combination of 3D coordinates system and Mathematics. 'Z' axis is the third axis in a 3 dimensional space which represents depth & Infinity is the abstract and unbounded number greater than any real number. 

Merging the two, Z Infinity manifests to bring in an endless quality of depth, unbounded fun, and a first of its kind gameplay experience to its players that is everlasting!  

Games & Apps for You


Words to Emojis

Over 1 million players!

Welcome to one of the most addictive and exciting trivia games you’ve ever played on your Android device. Words to Emojis, is a free emoji quiz game that can entertain you for hours without noticing the time. In this free word search game, you need to guess the emoji using the given sentence. You must find the most related sets of emoji that describes the sentence the best.

So, if you are looking for one of the best and most addictive trivia and emoji games, download Words to Emojis for free!

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Reflexa Pro: Multi-Selfie Camera

Multiple selfies in an instant!

Reflexa is your personal, intelligent selfie camera app. Designed to minimize all the mundane interactions while taking a selfie. So, you can focus on your pose and let Reflexa automate the rest for you.

Simply pose using the front or the rear camera and Reflexa will voice out to you for any angle adjustments and automatically click your selfie / groufie. Reflexa will instantly offer you up to 10 rich options of your selfie (with different zoom levels, depending on your distance from the camera) which is automatically denoised, color corrected and enhanced with filters.

Get playful and amuse everyone with GIF photos and RECOIL videos which reverses a short moment of action into something cool.

Complete privacy of your Photos, GIFs and Videos. Reflexa is designed to work offline with built-in layers of face-detection intelligence, powered by iOS famework & Open CV framework.

Dead Count - Zombie Strike

Welcome to the madness!

Immerse yourself in a brilliant new variant of tower defence game. Protect your last barrel of Beer from the Zombie horde and score on!

• Experience a fresh and fun new Zombie shooting game
• Face-off funny and atrocious zombies
• Adopt uber cool weapons such as the Acid gun, Jumbo-ice gun, Radical gun and a lot more!
• Become the unstoppable, by using powerful boosters such as the Shockwave, Thunder Strike and the ultimate Nuke!
• Unlock brag worthy titles as you Score higher and rise up the leaderboard!


Space Punks - Invaders

Interstellar puzzle game!

Enjoy deep and immersive space action gameplay with headphones on!

Go frenzy in over 90+ levels and wipeout the punks before they reach the earth! Get immersed in stunning graphics with several hours of fun! Challenge your friends on the Leaderboard and unlock cool Achievements.

Yonder UP!

How high can you go?

Fly up the inter galactic space. Watch out for dangerous flying obstacles and time your jump to get past them. Your destiny is Yonder Up!

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